01 | Summary of Research Project


Integration of a Novel Climate Communication Framework

This research is specifically interested in a set of competencies for environmental and climate communication and presents a novel theoretical framework entitled the Transmedia Emotional Engagement Storytelling (TREES) model. This research harnessed close to two decades of communication consultancy experience, applied research, and an examination of the current literature on narrative, transmedia, and engagement theory.

The three key competencies identified in this research include:

Narrative Intuition

Our ability to identify the basic elements of narrative and subsequently employ a set of narrative conditions intuitively, such that these conditions have not just been assimilated and absorbed but can actually be sensed.

Transmedia Acumen

Our ability to produce climate change communication interfaces using context-based judgement and decisiveness, such that the selection of media forms and channels function to create new entry points into the expanding dimension of a storyworld where multiple storylines can be explored and experienced.

Emotional Intelligence

Our ability to recognize, understand, and manage narrative emotions—and affect—to create meaningful connections with members of the audience such that a story ultimately affects how audiences live out their lives.

For more information on this research, please contact National Geographic Explorer Neil Ever Osborne at neilosborne@trentu.ca.