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Neil Ever Osborne is a Canadian photojournalist and fine artist.

Positioned at the convergence of visual storytelling and journalism, his projects bear witness to the complex relationship between people and planet.

Osborne’s documentary approach examines the causes and impacts of climate change, as well as the solutions that mitigate the crisis, as recently depicted in works covering deforestation in Borneo, polar bears on the sea ice in the Arctic, and offshore wind power on the American Eastern Seaboard.

In this pursuit, he focuses his lens on the enduring spirit of humanity and the resiliency of nature.

Osborne is an Explorer with National Geographic Society and a regular contributor to Smithsonian Magazine, World Wildlife Fund Magazine, and The Weather Network’s emergent Climate Change initiative.

When not in the field, he is based out of his studio in Toronto, Ontario. He can be reached at neo@neileverosborne.com.

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03 | Credentials

• National Geographic Explorer
• Photographer represented by National Geographic Image Collection
• Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers
• Fellow International of the Explorer’s Club
• Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society
• Founding & Advisory Partner at Evermaven
• PhD Candidate (ABD) in the Faculty of Urban and Environmental Change
• Climate Change and Sustainability Editor with The Weather Network
• 2-year tenure as an Ambassador with Nikon Canada
• 3-year mentorship with National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting
• On assignment assistant to National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen
• Inaugural Photographer-in-Residence with Canadian Geographic
• Founder and Program Manager of Environmental Visual Communication
• 2-year tenure as Conservation Photography Editor with Canadian Wildlife Magazine
• M.A. degree in Visual Communication from Ohio University
• B.Sc. degree in Conservation Biology from Trent University

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07 | Film

When Neil's optic nerve signals his trigger finger to capture an image it begins a generous chain reaction of events that lead to gorgeous magazine and online articles, banners wrapped around buildings, students finding purpose, better friendships, more sea turtles in the ocean, and bigger love for our blue marble home.

Wallace J. Nichols, New York Times Bestselling Author


• Offshore Wind | America
• Polar Bears on the Edge | Canadian Subarctic
• Healing Forests | Sumatra & Borneo
• Mountain Gorilla Comeback | Africa
• Ranger Sightlines | Zambia, Africa
• An Uphill Climb | Sumatra & Borneo
• Bear Paradise | Canada
• Rain in the Arctic | Canadian Arctic
• Fossils of the Edge | Canada
• A Pipeline Runs Through it | Ecuador
• By Land and By Sea | Canada
• Haven in the Sky | Canada


• Oceana Canada | Deep Sea Exploration | Canada
• World Wildlife Fund | Cod Resurgence | Canada
• Falklands Conservation | Frontier Penguins | Falkland Islands
• ICFC | The Last Guardians | Brazil
• Save Our Wild Salmon | Wild Rivers | USA
• U.S. Fish & Wildlife | Manatee Haven | USA


• National Geographic | Great Bear Rainforest | Canada

Global Surveys

• Saving Sea Turtles | Worldwide
• Healing Forests | Worldwide

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