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• Offshore Wind | America
• Polar Bears on the Edge | Canadian Subarctic
• Healing Forests | Sumatra & Borneo
• Mountain Gorilla Comeback | Africa
• Ranger Sightlines | Zambia, Africa
• An Uphill Climb | Sumatra & Borneo
• Bear Paradise | Canada
• Rain in the Arctic | Canadian Arctic
• Fossils of the Edge | Canada
• A Pipeline Runs Through it | Ecuador
• By Land and By Sea | Canada
• Haven in the Sky | Canada


• Oceana Canada | Deep Sea Exploration | Canada
• World Wildlife Fund | Cod Resurgence | Canada
• Falklands Conservation | Frontier Penguins | Falkland Islands
• ICFC | The Last Guardians | Brazil
• Save Our Wild Salmon | Wild Rivers | USA
• U.S. Fish & Wildlife | Manatee Haven | USA


• National Geographic | Great Bear Rainforest | Canada

Global Surveys

• Saving Sea Turtles | Worldwide
• Healing Forests | Worldwide

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