01 | Environmental Visual Communication

Neil Ever Osborne is a Canadian photographer, filmmaker, public speaker, and social scientist.

His interdisciplinary projects bear witness to the complex relationship between people and the planet.

More specifically, Osborne’s work examines the prevailing social and environmental issues that narrate our times in a changing — and warming — world.

In this pursuit, he focuses on humanity’s enduring spirit and nature’s resiliency.

Osborne is an Explorer with the National Geographic Society, a Contributing Photographer with Smithsonian Magazine, and an Assistant Professor at the Trent University School of the Environment. He also holds long-standing Fellowships with the International League of Conservation Photographers, The Explorer’s Club, and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

05 | Program Offerings

• Explorer | National Geographic Society
• Contributing Photographer | Smithsonian Magazine
• Fellow | International League of Conservation Photographers
• Fellow | The Explorer’s Club
• Fellow | Royal Canadian Geographical Society
• Assistant Professor | Trent School of the Environment
• Academic Referee | Environmental Communication