Upcoming Seminar

John Abbot Cegep/College
Ste-Anne-de Bellevue, Quebec
Sunday, March 31, 2019
Time: 8:45 AM – 4:30 PM

$125.00 per person

Peter Clarke



From swimming with grizzly bears in the Pacific Northwest, to dropping a 6-million dollar robotic submersible down onto the Gulf of St. Lawrence seafloor, to sitting with an Inuit in the Canadian Arctic wind at -50℃, Neil Ever Osborne is a visual storyteller working on conservation campaigns that express the important link between people and planet. He’s even hiked through the heart of the Brazilian Amazon and found a mammoth tusk in the Yukon.

Hear more of Osborne’s misadventures and some fortunate successes as he gains insight from elders in Ecuador’s fragile rainforests, cod-kissing fishermen on the East coast, and a farmer who lives with penguins in his backyard. In their voices, Osborne reflects, “we understand a little bit more about how this crazy world works, and how inherently connected we are to the living planet.” Three nieces add a final touch of wisdom when he talks about his work closer to home, a place he will always want to protect.

Osborne’s work is deeply rooted in a documentary approach that bears witness to humanity’s ecological footprint–the human demand on nature. All the while, he uses visual storytelling to start a dialogue he believes is of the utmost importance: we’re not apart from nature, but very much part of it.

Whether you’re an entry-level photographer or avid Instagrammer, a committed enthusiast or a professional communicator, this visual storytelling workshop experience is designed to help you tell more effective stories with your images, but perhaps more significantly, it’s about a community dialogue.

More about Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling uses a series of photos to share a narrative—about a place, a character, or a cause—that people can connect to in a way that gets them to act.

Throughout this workshop with Neil Ever Osborne you will be introduced to the ingredients of effective visual storytelling. Using case studies from his work with international magazines and environmental organizations that explore the intricate link between people and planet this workshop will demonstrate the use of visual storytelling to create conversations that matter.

Value to Participants

  • learn to pre-visualize your story before you go into the field
  • learn to create a visual narrative using a diverse set of images
  • produce photos with three “distinct features” that Neil uses to make images stand out from the rest
  • on assignment tips and tricks to help you create that one-of-a-kind shot in any location
  • latest innovation in gear through collaborations with Nikon
  • valuable industry knowledge with an emphasis on the importance of storytelling
  • professional direction and advice for launching editorial assignments and/or projects
  • an overview of conservation photography within the realm of environmental communications
  • critique and comments on single images and projects to advance your photographic craft
  • a professional contact in the field of visual storytelling

What’s Included

  • series of lectures
  • breakout sessions (participant led)
  • select participants image stories and/or images (voluntary)
  • tips and tricks
  • feedback and community discussion
  • coffee and snacks
  • seating

What’s Not Included

  • travel to and from seminar
  • seminar insurance/trip insurance
  • computer, laptop or digital camera are not provided
  • lunch (restaurants within walking distance)


A Visual Storytelling Seminar
hosted by Neil Ever Osborne
and the Lakeshore Camera Club


Peter Clarke
Lakeshore Camera Club Member


John Abbot Cegep/College
21275 Lakeshore Drive
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC
H9X 3L9
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