Unprotected: Kayapo Territory - Brazil


The International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC) works to support the Kayapó indigenous peoples who protect 11-million hectares of their lands from deforestation, and external factors pressuring their boundaries. Additionally, the ICFC build capacity with the Kayapó to manage surveillance and sustainable economic activities.

Kayapó lands are in a region of rapid deforestation—an agricultural frontier with increasing road access and minimal law enforcement. And, while the Kayapó have fiercely protected their vast territory for decades, they face increased pressure from illegal incursions for gold-mining, logging, commercial fishing, ranching, and other agriculture.

This conservation photography campaign highlights the Kayapó Territory, the Kayapó peoples and wildlife they interact with, along with community life. The campaign aims to be part of the ongoing efforts to protect one of the world’s most largest and most important contiguous blocks of intact pristine tropical rainforest.

Purpose and Outcomes

• Conservation photography from this expedition continues to be used by the International Fund of Canada in their Amazon advocacy work in collaboration with the Kayapo people

• Strategic photographs were published by Energy Home Solar as part of a renewable energy campaign


I spent a week in a remote location in the Brazilian Amazon working with Neil on an important conservation story. His team was hardworking, professional, respectful of the indigenous culture we were with and fun at all times. He also produced first rate imagery that will contribute to helping the Kayapo indigenous peoples protect their forests.

Barbara Zimmerman, Director of the Kayapo Project at International Conservation Fund of Canada