On Assignment: Canadian Wildlife Magazine: Haven in the Sky


There are not many places in the world with such a dense concentration of nesting seabirds as East Digges Island. On this rocky outcrop protruding from the waters where Hudson Strait meets Hudson Bay, at the northwestern tip of the Ungava Peninsula in Quebec, thick-billed murre breeding pairs are too numerous to count, though estimates hover around 300,000. These birds, along with a colony on the adjacent Quebec mainland, constitute the largest aggregation of thick-billed murres in Canada, and one of the largest concentrations of seabirds in this country.

Purpose and Outcomes

• Document the research conducted by Environment Canada and produce a compelling stock photography archive of the work


In The Field

Neil was a fun guy to have in camp. He was always happy to contribute and definitely pulled his own weight. We were also very impressed with the photos and article that he produced.

Michael Janssen, Arctic Wildlife Technician with Environment Canada