Unprotected: Sea Turtles - Global


Across the globe, the seven species of sea turtles face a number of human-induced threats (including fisheries by-catch, direct harvesting, coastal development, pollution, pathogens, and climate change), that are adversely affecting their health and persistence. Using strategic visual communication and conservation photography practices, the Global Sea Turtles campaign aims to educate the public about this plight while advocating for initiatives to reduce these threats.

Collaborating with a myriad of international conservation partners working on the ground around the world, the Global Sea Turtles campaign continues to document the ecology of the seven species of sea turtles while using specific locations around the world to address the threats facing these species and the people behind the conservation efforts abating them.

The Global Sea Turtles campaign fosters a growing network of concerned people who connect through storytelling and their common interest in sea turtle conservation.
This conservation photography campaign–in close collaboration with world renowned marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols–highlights sea turtles from around the world, issues affecting their existence, and the people responsibility for safeguarding them. The campaign aims to be part of the ongoing efforts to bring back sea turtles numbers across our oceans.

Purpose and Outcomes

• Publish regularly with the State of the World’s Sea Turtles and other marine organization marketing material including Conservation International and IUCN

• Strategic photographs have been used in numerous domestic and international presentations by marine scientists


When Neil's optic nerve signals his trigger finger to capture an image it begins a generous chain reaction of events that lead to gorgeous magazine and online articles, banners wrapped around buildings, students finding purpose, better friendships, more sea turtles in the ocean, and bigger love for our blue marble home.

Wallace J. Nichols, New York Times Bestselling Author