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Save Our Wild Salmon | Wild Rivers & Salmon | USA

Wild Rivers
with Save Our Wild Salmon
in the USA

U.S. Fish & Wildlife | Man & Manatee | USA

Manatee Haven
with U.S. Fish and Wildlife
in the USA

ICFC | The Last Guardians | Brazil

The Last Guardians
with International Conservation Fund of Canada
in Brazil

Falklands Conservation | Frontier Penguins | Falkland Islands

Frontier Penguins
with Falklands Conservation
in the Falkland Islands/Islas Malvinas

World Wildlife Fund | Cod Resurgence | The Maritimes

Cod Resurgence
with World Wildlife Fund
in Newfoundland, Canada

Oceana Canada | Deep Sea Exploration | The Maritimes

Deep Sea Exploration
with Oceana Canada