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Wild Rivers & Salmon

Near the base of the serrated Sawtooth Mountains, at 6,547 feet (~1,984 m), the glacier-fed Redfish Lake remains one of the highest salmon spawning habitats on the planet.

It is also one of the most protected.

Enveloped by the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, a wild and remote landscape comprising roughly 756,000 acres (~305,940 hectares), and connected to adjoining aquatic highways, such as the Salmon River, the Middle and East Forks of the Salmon River, Bear Valley Creek, and Marsh Creek, among dozens of other tributaries, Idaho presents a watershed of some of the most ideal salmon spawning habitat in the lower 48 US states.

Continued protection of these waters remains the task.

Keywords: Fish stocks; Idaho; salmon; Sawtooth National Recreation Area; USA

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