I strive to blend documentary story with fine art, but sometimes the story just wins.

Neil Ever Osborne

A Plastic Bottle

The facts are alarming:

• 91% of plastic is not recycled
• 1 million single-use plastic bottles are sold every minute around the world
• 500 billion plastic bottles are used around the world globally
• bottled water costs 2000 times more than tap water
• by 2050 the ocean is expected to contain more plastic than fish (by weight)

This photographic print of a turtle resting on a plastic bottle was made while the female was returning to the sea after laying eggs on a beach. The print has become a symbol of my conservation photography work that aims to link people and planet. This photographic print focuses our attention on the need to find a balance between man and nature.

A Plastic Bottle photographic print is available for loan. Interested organizations can make requests at art@neileverosborne.com

The Photographs

Broken Home

Broken Home
Tortuguero National Park
Costa Rica

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