There are certain photographers I enjoy talking to because they inspire me with their passion; Neil is one of those folks. He’s passionate about his work, about conservation and making the idea of the environment relatable to everyone. And then he backs it up with gorgeous photography.

Jeff Campagna, Photo Editor at Smithsonian Magazine

There is indeed an urgent need to reframe the dialogue about our connection to the environment. Neil’s HOME: exhibit advances this ever so important conversation.

Cristina Mittermeier, President at SeaLegacy

In HOME:, we witness one of Canada’s leading conservation photographers make a clear statement about the inextricable link between people and planet, and in response, we gain a better appreciation of our only shared home.

Wade Davis, Explorer in Residence at the National Geographic Society

Positioning nature conservation as a priority has never been more important, and never been more difficult. Osborne has an uncanny ability, with his photographs and his stories of human connection to nature, to shine the spotlight on something most of us take for granted. Our home.

Dave Ireland, Managing Director, ROM Biodiversity at the Royal Ontario Museum

The human element often found in Neil’s photographs is a brilliant way to link ‘us’ to this natural world we are a part of.

Amanda Mohammed, Manager, Communications with Nikon Canada

When Neil’s optic nerve signals his trigger finger to capture an image it begins a generous chain reaction of events that lead to gorgeous art, magazine articles, banners wrapped around buildings, students finding purpose, better friendships, more sea turtles in the ocean, and bigger love for our blue marble home.

Wallace J. Nichols, New York Times Bestselling Author

Neil has contributed to a number of publications I’ve worked on over the last few years and has not only delivered excellent photographic work, but he’s also been an inspiration to many of the colleagues I’ve worked with on creating such content. Neil aims high and hits the target. In some respects, even more impressive than the physical results of his work, are the reactions my colleagues have had to the inspiring messages Neil promotes. He’s a keen advocate of the importance of telling conservation stories through images, and his message both figuratively and literally leaves a mark on his audiences.

Aaron Kylie, Editor, Canadian Geographic Magazine

Dear Neil, me dio mucho placer conocerte y de ver en persona tu arte maravilloso. Tus imagines no son solo photos pero son historias que conmueven y nos hacen ser conscientes del mundo natural y de que cada creatura viviente en este planeta tiene un 'hogar'.

Alessandra Leopardi, Audience Member

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