Neil has contributed to a number of publications I’ve worked on over the last few years and has not only delivered excellent photographic work, but he’s also been an inspiration to many of the colleagues I’ve worked with on creating such content. Neil aims high and hits the target. In some respects, even more impressive than the physical results of his work, are the reactions my colleagues have had to the inspiring messages Neil promotes. He’s a keen advocate of the importance of telling conservation stories through images, and his message both figuratively and literally leaves a mark on his audiences.

Aaron Kylie, Editor at Canadian Geographic Magazine

1-day Conservation Photography Workshop

We will examine conservation photography from its historical roots through its current manifestations in today’s environmentally active climate. Relevant conservation issues affecting society will be analyzed through specific case studies accompanied by multimedia platforms including images, video, and audio. Both theoretical concepts and applied photographic techniques will be explored during the workshop to advance your ability to tell a conservation story through visuals.

At the heart of this workshop is the ability to use visual communication and storytelling in a effective way to engage new audiences.

Additionally, an in-depth Q&A that focuses on individual needs serves as a community building exercise that makes this workshop a networking opportunity as well.

Ultimately, participants will gain an appreciation for the power of photography and its potential for precipitating environmental awareness and action.

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What is Conservation Photography?
Conservation Photography – Building Alliances
Conservation Photography – Raising Funds
Conservation Photography – Influencing Policy
Impact of Conservation Photography
Case Studies


Unprotected: Kayapo Territory - Brazil: Partners
Unprotected: Snake River Salmon - USA: Partners


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Selection to the 1-day Conservation Photography Workshop is based on an application process. Interested participants need to fill out the online application form.


Selected individuals pay a workshop fee of $300.00 plus any travel (room and board) expenses they incur.
*Subject to change in different locations.

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