I've been attending ROM Daytime lectures for a few years now and have always been impressed with the quality. Today's lecture, however, I felt was far and above the best lecture you have ever presented. The photographs were stunning, the topic fascinating, and the speaker was very articulate. I certainly intend to do more research into this fascinating topic of conservation photography. Thank you for an amazing lecture.

Rica Heinemann

Enlightening, inspirational, empowering. If a picture is worth a thousand words, hearing these words of appreciation from the audience who attended your talk is priceless. Thank you so much for spending the evening with us and for giving our audience tangible and achievable examples of how they can contribute to conservation through their own images and creative drive. It was a pleasure working with you to put this event together, and you exceeded all expectations. I look forward to our next collaboration.

Gary Sharlow, Museum Outreach Manager at the California Academy of Sciences

Fabulous talk last night–animated, provocative, insightful

Dr. James Schaefer, Professor, Trent University

Public Speaking

I will always be intrigued by the power of the still image—its ability to communicate without words is universal. Yet, behind every image there is an elaborate story, a woven tale of experience presented through the context of the photographer or the subject. When images and words meet something special is born. With this in mind, I share personal stories from the field accompanied by visual presentations about my work that aims to express the relationship between people and the planet. I share this perspective as a Photographer-in-Residence with Canadian Geographic, an Ambassador with Nikon Canada, and as a Fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers.


Neil Ever Osborne Photographer-in-Residence Canadian Geographic


Canadian Geographic

Amazing images have been at the core of Canadian Geographic throughout its nearly 90-year history. To expand the brand’s commitment to photographic excellence the Photographer-in-Residence program was created with this mission: to share compelling visual storytelling that celebrates and explores the nation’s geography, people and wildlife to make Canada better known to Canadians and the world.

Neil Ever Osborne Nikon Ambassador Canada


Nikon Canada

Nikon Ambassadors are some of the most talented and influential visual artists working in the business today. These gifted, spirited storytellers go above and beyond most, and are admired for their passion, energy and commitment to their craft. Their investment in, and trust, of the Nikon brand are cornerstones to their image making abilities.

Featured Presentations

NEO Public Speaking: Dignity

I AM: Defining Conservation Photography

We are all photographers now. But, what do you do with your images? Are they having any impact in the world?

Conservation photography uses the photographic process and its media products to advocate for real conservation outcomes. Conservation photography combines nature photography with the issue-oriented approach of documentary photography and in doing so becomes a tool for change. In close collaboration with conservation partners, photography can be used to build alliances, raise funds, and influence policy.

This new talk explores the emerging genre of conservation photography with a focus on my work in protected areas and threatened spaces around the world. The multimedia presentation includes insights and imagery from some of the best environmental communicators working today. Notable anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall, National Geographic Editor-at-Large Michael Nichols, and International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) founding president Cristina Mittermeier, among many others, share candid thoughts on the power of photography and its value as an effective conservation tool. The narrative is accompanied by stunning photographic contributions from over 40 iLCP conservation photographers to illustrate the convergence between the conservation and photography realms.

Key Message: We are all on a mission to use photography for social change

Run time: 40–60minutes

Q&A: Preferred

Assets: Images, Videos, Sounds, Interviews

Neil Ever Osborne: Services - Consulting

Yasuni National Park

Considered the most biodiverse place in the world, the Yasuní is in danger of being ruined through the exploitation of its natural resources. And time is running out to save it.

Through their independence, courage, and leadership the Waorani peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon safeguard one of the world’s most important protected rainforests.

This is their story.

Key Message: We need a conversation that encourages industry and conservation to meet in the middle

Run time: 30–45 minutes

Q&A: Preferred

Assets: Images, Videos

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Upcoming Presentations


I AM: On a mission
Canadian Camera Conference
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Atop a tree in Yasuni National Park
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Co-host at the Award Ceremony
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Speaker Series presented by the Ontario Land Trust Alliance at the Textile Museum of Canada
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Environmental Storytelling
Ontario Biodiversity Summit
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Defining Conservation Photography: A Focus on Protected Lands
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Defining Conservation Photography: A Focus on Protected Lands
ROM Daytime at the Royal Ontario, Museum
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Hope Decoded Summit: A day of wonder and possibility
The Banff Centre
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Art meet science, science meet art.
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We are the Environment: Where Art and Science Meet
Symons Seminar Series at Trent University
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Dignity: A tale of Mexican fishermen
Adventure Canada
Somewhere in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean

Defining Conservation Photography: A Focus on Protected Lands
Spoerl Lectureship in Science and Society Lecture Series
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Tortuga Rising
World Wilderness Congress (Wild10) at WildSpeak
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Dignity: A tale of Mexican fishermen
Collaborations for Cause
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Witness: Defining Conservation Photography
International Nature Photography Festival
Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen (GDT). Lünen, Germany

Witness: Defining Conservation Photography
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Witness: Defining Conservation Photography
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Witness: Defining Conservation Photography
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Exploring the Strategic Use of Visual Communication for Conservation Change
Trent University
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Advancing Biodiversity Conservation with Communications
Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A Conservation Photography Project
Blue Earth Gala
Seattle, Washington, USA

Conservation Photography
Trent University

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


Combining Art with Science: Visual Communication in Environmental Conservation
Society of Conservation Biology Conference
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Evaluating Visual Communication’s Role in Environmental Outreach
95th Annual Meeting for the Ecological Society of America
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Measuring Methods in Conservation Photography
Quest University,
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Man and Manatee
Telluride Film Festival
Telluride, Colorado, USA

Man and Manatee
Blue: A Global Oceans Film and Conservation Summit
Monterey, California, USA

Defining Conservation Photography in a Visually Literate World
Cornerstone Address at Quest University
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Defining Conservation Photography: The role of visual literacy in the environmental arena
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Defining Conservation Photography: A modern arc for biodiversity
Keynote Address at McMaster University Biodiversity Gala
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Defining Conservation Photography: Case studies using sea turtle imagery
28th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation
Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Man and Manatee
World Wilderness Congress
Merida, Mexico