Neil has contributed to a number of publications I’ve worked on over the last few years and has not only delivered excellent photographic work, but he’s also been an inspiration to many of the colleagues I’ve worked with on creating such content. Neil aims high and hits the target. In some respects, even more impressive than the physical results of his work, are the reactions my colleagues have had to the inspiring messages Neil promotes. He’s a keen advocate of the importance of telling conservation stories through images, and his message both figuratively and literally leaves a mark on his audiences.

Aaron Kylie, Editor at Canadian Geographic Magazine

One-on-One Consulting

We are all photographers now.

But, what do we do with our images? Are they having any impact in the world?

Conservation photography uses the photographic process and its media products to advocate for real conservation outcomes. Conservation photography combines nature photography with the issue-oriented approach of documentary photography and in doing so becomes a tool for change. In close collaboration with partners, photography can be used to build alliances, raise funds, and influence policy.

Conservation photography is really about the actions a photographer takes after the images have been made. The real responsibility starts after the shutter has been tripped. It is about getting your images in front of the influential people that really need to see them.

In this sense, we put the images to work.

And, putting images to work has never been more important. As the industry shifts towards a digital online world, with video captivating us more and more, integrating visual storytelling into your messaging will make for more effective communication, allowing you to be heard.


Portfolio Review

Still Photography or Multimedia Projects

A review of your select works in the form of still photography or multimedia projects. Specific feedback interests can be discussed prior to the consultation via email to make the most of the consultation.

Visual Storytelling

Photo Essay or Photo Story

Knowing how to create a photo essay or photo story can set you apart from your peers and prepare you for more collaborative opportunities with organizations and brands that desire this content.

Editorial Assignments

Magazines and Online Publications

The prestige of getting published in a printed magazine still exists, and it might always. Influential people who don’t have time to surf the net depend on these curated publications to gain a glimpse of what is important in the world. For this reason, getting your photography published in a magazine remains an effective avenue to distribute your work.

Collaborating with NGOs

How to Communicate?

They have some of the most important stories to tell, yet many of them don’t have the capacity to communicate. Working with NGOs not only feels good but the successful ones are spending more money on communication. The trick is to offer them something that no one else is.


Ideas and Philosophy

It’s who you know, right. I’m convinced this is true. In a networking session, I share some of my ideas and philosophy around the collaborative approach and business in a rapidly changing realm of visual communications.

Conservation Photography

What are you doing with your images?

Conservation photography is really about the actions a photographer takes after the images have been made. The real responsibility starts after the shutter has been tripped. It is about getting your images in front of the influential people that really need to see them.


Newly Appointed

Photographer-in-Residence with Canadian Geographic
Ambassador with Nikon Canada
Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society


Associate Fellow of the iLCP
Conservation Photographer with the ROM
Contributing Photographer at the Canadian Wildlife Magazine
Photography Editor with the California Academy of Sciences
Judge for the BigPicture Photography Competition
Judge for the MontPhoto Competition of Nature Photography


Mentorship with National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting
Mentorship with National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen
Internship at the Canadian Geographic Magazine
M.A. degree in Visual Communication from Ohio University
B.Sc. degree in Conservation Biology from Trent University


Neil Ever Osborne Photographer-in-Residence Canadian Geographic


Canadian Geographic

Amazing images have been at the core of Canadian Geographic throughout its nearly 90-year history. To expand the brand’s commitment to photographic excellence the Photographer-in-Residence program was created with this mission: to share compelling visual storytelling that celebrates and explores the nation’s geography, people and wildlife to make Canada better known to Canadians and the world.

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Neil Ever Osborne Nikon Ambassador Canada


Nikon Canada

Nikon Ambassadors are some of the most talented and influential visual artists working in the business today. These gifted, spirited storytellers go above and beyond most, and are admired for their passion, energy and commitment to their craft. Their investment in, and trust, of the Nikon brand are cornerstones to their image making abilities.

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