When Neil's optic nerve signals his trigger finger to capture an image it begins a generous chain reaction of events that lead to gorgeous magazine and online articles, banners wrapped around buildings, students finding purpose, better friendships, more sea turtles in the ocean, and bigger love for our blue marble home.

Wallace J. Nichols, New York Times Bestselling Author

Conservation Photography Campaigns

My conservation photography service uses the photographic process and its media products to advocate for real conservation outcomes. Conservation photography combines nature photography with the issue-oriented approach of documentary photography and in doing so becomes a tool for change. In close collaboration with conservation partners, this service allows us to build alliances, raise funds, and influence policy.

Each conservation photography campaign begins by identifying the priority actions noted below. A strategy is then put in place to use photography to fulfill this agenda.

Campaign Model

Neil Ever Osborne Conservation Photography: Build Alliances

Real conservation outcomes occur through collaboration with key stakeholders including on-the-ground local support and online audiences who advance messaging and tell stories to push a conservation agenda.

Neil Ever Osborne Conservation Photography: Raise Funds

Real conservation outcomes happen with the support of critical funds needed to implement action.

Neil Ever Osborne Conservation Photography: Influence Policy

Real conservation outcomes have roots in policy and the legislative process that define boundaries around habitat and introduce new bills.

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