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I am a Toronto-based conservation photojournalist and visual artist working to express the inextricable link between people and planet.

My work is deeply rooted in a documentary approach that bears witness to humanity’s ecological footprint–the impact of human activities on nature. This work is principally carried out in protected places that celebrate pristine wilderness and in places in peril that draw attention to habitats that still need protection. For me, visual storytelling is a way to start an essential dialogue we all can benefit from–we are not apart from nature, but very much part of it.

I collaborate with domestic and international publications, NGOs, charities, corporations, philanthropists, Indigenous nations, fine art galleries, and with a growing community of online advocates who align with my values.

I am a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, a Fellow of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and a Fellow of the Explorer’s Club.

As a Partner at Evermaven, a full-service environmental communications agency, I am based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada when not in the field.



Fellow of the iLCP
Fellow of the Explorer’s Club
Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society


Ambassador with Nikon Canada
Mentorship with National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting
On Assignment Assistant to National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen
Inaugural Photographer-in-Residence with Canadian Geographic
Founder and Director of Environmental Visual Communication
Conservation Photography Editor with Canadian Wildlife Magazine
M.A. degree in Visual Communication from Ohio University
B.Sc. degree in Conservation Biology from Trent University


Neil Ever Osborne Nikon Ambassador Canada


Nikon Canada

Nikon Ambassadors are some of the most talented and influential visual artists working in the business today. These gifted, spirited storytellers go above and beyond most, and are admired for their passion, energy and commitment to their craft. Their investment in, and trust, of the Nikon brand are cornerstones to their image making abilities.

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Neil Ever Osborne Adam Mar Ambassador


Adam Mar

Adam Mar began with the belief that quality clothing shouldn’t have to involve compromise so they design and manufacture forward-thinking, durable pieces that incorporate many of the technical features found in the active apparel we’ve all worn and cherished for years, but with a fit and styling that makes sense for our urban lives. The Adam Mar collections are built as blueprints for how we want to dress every day – to work, to play, to relax, and to explore. Manufactured, milled and washed in the U.S.A.

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Neil Ever Osborne Evermaven

Co-founder and Partner

Evermaven Inc.

Evermaven is a full-service communications agency that links people, planet, and profit. Using narrative and visual communication our work facilitates a growing dialogue about humanity’s everlasting footprint.

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Neil Ever Osborne International League of Conservation Photographers


International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP)

The International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) is an organization whose mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through photography. As a collective body, their goal is to use the art of high-quality photography to encourage people to take action in support of tangible and meaningful conservation measures.

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Neil Ever Osborne The Royal Canadian Geographical Society


Royal Canadian Geographic Society

Canada itself, diverse in geographical regions and communities, is reflected in The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s College of Fellows. So, too, have the Fellows always embodied the longstanding values and tenets of the RCGS: the determination to build, courage to explore and steadfast love of country. The Royal Canadian Geographical Society is dedicated to imparting a broader knowledge and deeper appreciation of Canada through its educational program, as well as by funding geographical expeditions and research, in the form of grants, studentships and awards.

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Neil Ever Osborne Environmental Visual Communication

Founder and Director 2012–2016

Environmental Visual Communication

Positioned at the convergence of pragmatism and action, science and art, strategy and skill, the Environmental Visual Communication (EVC) post-graduate certificate, offered through Fleming College on-site at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is an education experience producing a new school of hybridized communicators who are passionate about environmental issues and stories and who want to effectively engage people who can foster change.

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When Neil's optic nerve signals his trigger finger to capture an image it begins a generous chain reaction of events that lead to gorgeous magazine and online articles, banners wrapped around buildings, students finding purpose, better friendships, more sea turtles in the ocean, and bigger love for our blue marble home.

Wallace J. Nichols, New York Times Bestselling Author